Friday, May 26, 2006

A Little R and R

Because my life is so stressful Lauren and I have decided to get away to the South Hamptons (Baytown, TX) for the holiday weekend. If I remember my camera maybe I will post some pictures upon my return.

I leave you with some more questions, conundrums and observations of the sardonic variety.

•I think lacrosse is the only sport that has more hazing incidents than it does fans.

•I thought if I didn’t watch American Idol it would just go away. Apparently I have a lot less pull in the entertainment industry than you might think.

•Should guys who wear cowboy boots with suits really be allowed to criticize my flip-flops?

•Would it take an act of Congress to halt the production and sale of cell phone belt clips? I mean these guys just won’t go away!

•“Thong panties” is a surprisingly un-sexy looking phrase.

•Is there a more unnecessary skill than cursive writing?

•A year late, but I’m still wondering…Seriously, is there anything we can do to ensure that the person/group/antichrist responsible for the song “Gasolina” never has another hit?

•You never hear about the “golden age” of tennis umpiring.

•Whenever something catches fire, they always say “the cause of the blaze is being investigated.” Isn’t the cause of the blaze always really hot flames?


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