Monday, May 22, 2006

Bad Tats and Random Stats

Ok, first the bad tats.

Although everyone of them on this page is pretty horrible, I think this one is the saddest. Something tells me that this guy gave himself that lame moniker. And everyone knows you absolutely, positively cannot give yourself a nickname...Unless, of course, you are a rapper (I'm looking at you P-Diddy).

Now onto the stats - Did you know...

There have been two major league pitchers that share my exact birth date (1/2/77): Hansel Izquierdo and Scott Proctor. Interestingly they were a combined 5-1 in the majors.

Coincidentally, they both were on the hated Yankees’ roster at one point, although not simultaneously. Even more coincidentally, both Scott Proctor and I once attended Florida State, although again not simultaneously. Just plain eerie, Hansel Izquierdo’s last year in the majors was 2002. My last year of beer belly softball was also 2002.

It takes just two teammates to link my favorite player while growing up, Gregg Jefferies to my dad's favorite player Mickey Mantle (ok, I'm actually just guessing there on dad's favorite player for dramatic effect, so bear with me).

Here we go...Mickey Mantle played with Al Downing for the 1963 New York Yankees. Al Downing played with Rick Sutcliffe for the 1976 Los Angeles Dodgers. Rick Sutcliffe played with Gregg Jefferies for the 1994 St. Louis Cardinals.

Kerry Collins is 17th in the NFL in career passing yards, ahead of the likes of Steve Young, Phil Simms, Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw. He also has two fewer national championships than Tommie Frazier.

Only nine times has a QB passed for more yards in a single season than Neil Lomax did in 1984 (4,614 yards). Neil Lomax is also the only one in that group who currently rocks an artificial hip.

Former Husker (and family friend) Toby Wright still holds the Rams franchise record for the longest fumble return. Toby returned a fumble 98 yards for a touchdown at New Orleans in 1994. He also owes me a phone call I think.

Doug Flutie is the fourth all-time career passer in CFL history with more than 40,000 yards. He threw 44 or more touchdown passes in a season three times. In thirteen seasons in the NFL he threw for an additional 14,715 yards and 86 touchdowns. He also has just one more Heisman trophy than me.

And finally a random thought for the day:

Guy to keep an eye out for: "Guy who goes into a stall to pee in public restrooms when there are clearly open urinals".


Blogger Amy P said...

You do realize you are sounding a lot like DAD! Have you considered giving up caffeine & sleeping at night?

Helpful advice from your big sis :)

5/24/2006 10:07 AM  
Blogger Jeffie said...

You act as though sounding like Dad is a bad thing. Oooh, I'm telling.

5/24/2006 11:30 AM  
Anonymous mom said...

Now children!

5/25/2006 7:25 PM  

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