Thursday, May 18, 2006

You Have the Wrong of Way

According to a recent survey Houston finished ninth on a list of the rudest drivers in the country. The study examined factors such as switching lanes without signaling (which we do) and making obscene gestures (which we also do). It did not, however, address my biggest traffic gripe. My major issue with Houston and Texas drivers in general, is their apparent misunderstanding of the left lane of traffic. Traffic in Houston moves continuously fast to quite fast and I rather enjoy this pace. What I do not enjoy is swiftly approaching Johnny Drive-Slowly while he hunts for his misplaced gas pedal and idles in the leftmost lane. I thought there was an agreement, or perhaps even a law dictating that this lane was for serious driving endeavors only.

I have made a few road trips within Texas and would probably take more were it not for this phenomenon. On my first trip to Austin, Adam and I wondered if these laid back country folk were actually trying to thwart us from pummeling our livers and cheering on the Big Red. More recently while driving to Dallas the roving left lane obstructions were again out in full force. It is maddening as I know they see me in their rearview mirror yet make no effort to get out of the way. At this point I tend to chalk it up to Texas arrogance. You know, “Texas – It’s like a whole ‘nother country (But we will not secede from the left lane)”. Or “Don’t Mess With Texas (Or we’ll force y’all to pass on the right)".


Anonymous tennisbum said...

1970-71 try driving on I-35 with Nebraska #1 bumper sticker. You got Hook-em horn sign and other hand gestures.

5/18/2006 7:25 PM  
Blogger Jeffie said...

Good point and I'm already planning on discussing Texas schools and their prediliction for innane hand signals as a sign of school spirit.

5/18/2006 8:02 PM  

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