Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My First Pictography

Ok, so I managed to get some pictures of Baytown for all of my faithful readers. Amy and Dad you are not allowed to comment on my lack of photograpy skills. They call me Jeffie, not Ansel.

This is a front view of the lovely Fayle homestead.

This is the house from the back. I've picked up several sunburns while lounging back here. I failed to get a picture of the hole in the ozone layer that seemingly resides above this area.

This is a better view of the pool, which actually got very little use this weekend. It did, however, host a late night canonball from Lauren.

Lauren's mom has a green thumb. The rest of her fingers, however, are flesh tone.

This is a picture of the bayou that lies at the edge of the backyard. I'm not really sure what a bayou is and now I've lived here so long that it would be embarrassing to ask. All I know is that it is bigger than Holmes Lake and smaller than the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the baseball/softball diamond that takes up part of the backyard. The Adams Family "guys against the girls" games would have been a lot more official on this thing. Interesting side note - One day I noticed a little league game going on at this very field as Lauren and I pulled up to the house. Because Lauren seemed oblivious to this event I worried that I was having some sort of "Field of Dreams" experience where only I could see the players. She allayed my fears later by informing me that the Baytown little league teams actually use this field as one of their official sites. Very cool.

Finally, making his long awaited debut on my blog is Sam. He wanted me to assure my readers that the old "the camera adds 10 pounds" adage also goes for canines.


Anonymous Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. I can see why you have so much relaxation time there.

5/30/2006 6:54 AM  
Blogger Amy P said...

Let's hear it for Sam! We need to see more of him & Lauren on this blog. I'm sure our homestead was a bit of a shock. "You ALL lived in this house" she thought silently to herself :) lol BTW photography score A- not too bad for an amatuer.

5/30/2006 4:32 PM  

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