Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our Somewhat Relaxing Weekend

Jeff and I have been so busy every weekend that we just wanted a weekend to RELAX. We have been slowly fixing up our little apartment, so we were very excited when our faux wood blinds arrived early Saturday. We’ve been going slow as they are a little pricey, and now have our bedroom and living room complete. The second set of blinds was much easier for Jeff to hang, although I left when they arrived because he has a tendency to get very frustrated. I returned home to find the blinds up, the house spotless, and Jeff smiling. Note to self: Leave house when Jeff tries to be a handy man. Saturday night we cooked steak and ate outside, and just spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch.

We were able to sleep in this morning, and woke up to another beautiful day! We loaded up Sam, and headed off to the dog park. On the way home we stopped at Subway to get lunch, and then to the store. When we opened the car to put the groceries in, we quickly noticed that the subway bag was demolished. Sam had eaten a foot long BMT and a turkey wrap in their entirety. All that remained was some lettuce and onions strewn about the front seat of the car!! Jeff and I were speechless, and pissed off because we were really looking forward to our lunch. Needless to say, Sam will not be eating dinner tonight, or breakfast in the morning. As if he’s not fat enough, right?