Monday, July 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well, Lauren and I are officially living together. We have spent the last two nights in the new place and finished putting everything away last night. It is a great little place and should fit our needs nicely. The back door had to be taken off its hinges to get my oversized furniture in, but that was the only major difficulty. We have more space now than we were sharing in her old apartment and this gives us a chance to create “our space”.

That has led to much cooperation and compromise. Lauren has A LOT of stuff. That factor was responsible for the most common conversation of the weekend. It went something like this:

Lauren: Do you think we could put this here?
Jeff: Um, do you really think we need to keep that?

But luckily we have quite a bit of storage and Lauren is being a real trooper as she learns the meaning of “downsizing”.

The next step will involve the design/decoration aspects. Fortunately Lauren’s schooling has perfectly prepared her for this endeavor. Unfortunately I thought I was destined to live alone forever, and thus have developed my own opinions. It all reminds me of an old Dennis Leary bit.

“Guys, learn this: even if you're just living with a woman you're not even married to, give up any thought of being involved in the interior decoration of the place you're going to live in. All your beer stuff, your sports mirrors, put them in storage. I've been to Wayne Gretzky's house, he's got five MVP trophies, and you know where they are? They're in the garage.”

I promise to post pictures as soon as I find the charger for my camera…or order a replacement from Ebay.


Blogger Amy P said...

The big test of your relationship will be the division of closet space! It was easy for me to aquire more closet realestate than Keith, because he only wears tshirts. But for you and your designer collection, you will have to more firmly hold your ground :) Good luck and let the best dressed win!

7/03/2006 3:28 PM  
Blogger oldtennisbum said...

Words of wisdom from your sister!!!!

7/03/2006 3:40 PM  
Blogger Jeffie said...

The closet situation has already been addressed. Lauren is using the large closet in the living room, which miraculously fit all of her stuff. I will be using the smaller closet which is in our bedroom as well as some space in an additional storage closet that is also in the living room.

7/04/2006 9:59 PM  
Blogger Amy P said...

Evidently you haven't unpacked the puter? It's been awhile since you've blogged. Are you sleeping better in your new digs?

7/09/2006 9:00 AM  

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